How did i start making recovery ? πŸ‘‰

I’d like to share how i found myself a routine that helped me recover and also made me a better human in all aspect. This routine not only help people who generally wants to become a better version of themselve but also for those who’s suffering from any sort of mental illness. For those who’sContinue reading “How did i start making recovery ? πŸ‘‰”

Change for a growth πŸŒ±

“Change is hard at the beginning, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end.” β€”Robin Sharma Isn’t it a beautiful quote? It’s a quote to live by if you are looking for a change and something to thrive for. The quote above was picked among all other beautiful quote shared by the best selling authorContinue reading “Change for a growth πŸŒ±”

Autism. What do you understand about it?

I’m not a psychiatrist or a psychologist to be talking in depth about this topic. What i wish for is that society would have a better understanding about people who are suffering from it. It could change a lot to these people in terms of job opportunities and many more. There is a certain stigmaContinue reading “Autism. What do you understand about it?”

Poetry #2 I’m falling to pieces Disclaimer: TW TRIGGER WARNING.

When this place no longer feels like home,You stayed up wondering if its today or tomorrow,Nights become longer and desolate,The fallen angel once met and said,” Let me take you to the night where their eyes are filled with tears”,Can you hear me screaming an inside voice said?,” I shut out all the lights iContinue reading “Poetry #2 I’m falling to pieces Disclaimer: TW TRIGGER WARNING.”

I’m ugly, I’m not pretty enough, I’m fat, I’m skinny. I’m depressed!

My last post for this month is going to be a little different from my other previous posts. It’s a special post that i’d like to dedicate to all the beautiful and strong women out there. I’m also writing on behalf of the women that are in our depression facebook page in malaysia that areContinue reading “I’m ugly, I’m not pretty enough, I’m fat, I’m skinny. I’m depressed!”

Living with Bipolar disorder. How it affects creativity and science?

This painting above is familiar isn’t it for most of you?. It is actually a painting made famous by a painter name Vincent Van Gogh. If you are not familiar with him, he has produced the most celebrated and influenced paintings of all time. What people don’t know behind all that successful painting is that,Continue reading “Living with Bipolar disorder. How it affects creativity and science?”